Contents of Alea 10 (RA 10).
Wargame reviews: Balkan Front (GDW, Europa series), Blue Max (GDW), Harpoon (GDW), Fokker, Arabian Nightmare (S&T 139), Imperium (GDW). Scenarios set in Desert Storm campaign for Harpoon (GDW), Flight Leader (GMT) and Air Cavalry (WEG). Historical article: Panzers (organization and history of some Panzer Divisions during WW2), Desert Shield Fact Book, Gulf Strike Third ed. Rol: D&D básico,Twilight 2000, Shadowrun, play aid Call of Cthulhu. Miniatures: Combined arms, W40000.

Issue Game
Operation Nabopolasar, Kuwait 1991. Battalion-level simulation of the breaching of the Saddam line. Complete simulation game with rules booklet, 1 DIN A3 map, 160 die cut counters and play aids. Game designer: J.M.Tortosa. Complexity (1-10): 4. Number of players: 2.

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Map Op. Nabopolasar [Detail].

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