Contents of Alea number 11 (RA 11).
Wargame reviews: Third Fleet (AH),Operation Shoestring (GMT). Scenario for Air Superiority (Iran vs. Irak, 1987). Advanced Rules for Trirreme (Alea n. 8), Scenario ASL (Kalach-3, Stalingrado 1942). Role playing reviews: Heroquest, Cruzada Estelar, aventura Heroquest, Aquelarre, Mechwarrior, avdventure for Twilight 2000, Mutantes en la Sombra. Miniatures: Konig Krieg, Fantasy Warrior, scenarios Fontenoy and W40000.

Issue Game
Fontenoy 1745, simulation of the battle between French and anglo-dutch armies during the War of Austrian succesion. Battallion-regiment level. Complete game with a historical commentary, rules booklet, 1 DIN A2 map and 160 full color die cut counters. Game design: José Semprún. Complexity (1-10): 3.

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