Contents of Alea number 12 (RA 12).
Wargame reviews: Operation Crusader (FGA), Battlefield Europe (GDW), Objective Schmidt & Omaha Beach Head (The Gamers), Hornet Leader (GMT). Non-wargames: Rub out, play aid for Heroquest, AD&D, Torg, Aliens, CoC.

Issue Game
The end of Alb-el-Krim, Morocco 1926. Operational simulation set in the Moroccan war depicting the Alhucemas landing and the pacification campaign of the Rif area. Complete simulation game with historical commentary, rules booklet, 1 DIN A2 map and 160 die-cut counters. Scales: battallions-regiments, individual ships. Game design: H. Sainz. Complexity: (1-10): 4. Number of players: 2.


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