Contents of Alea number 13 (RA 13).
Wargame reviews: ASL (AH), Battle of the Bulge '91 (AH), The Civil War (FGA), Days of Decision (ADG), Sands of War (GDW). Non-wargames: Axis & Allies, Junta. Roleplaying: El Seņor de los Anillos, Rolemaster, Dark Conspiracy, play aid for D&D, ayudas Aquelarre. Miniatures: W40000 scenario, Guerras Carlistas (Part one).

Issue Game
La Gran Armada. Tactical treatment of XVI century naval war. Complete simulation game that includes a rules booklet, 1 DIN A2 map and 160 die cut counters and markers. Several scenarios to simulate several engagements in the Channel coast. Game design: Santiago Lapeña. Number of Players: 2.

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