Contents of Alea number 14 (RA 14).
Wargame reviews: Ligny (CoA), Thunderbolt Apache Leader (GMT), Royalist & Roundheads (3W). Nuestra contienda hexagonada: a compilation of wargames simulating the Spanish civil war. Capsule reviews of the games Viva España! (Battleline), The Spanish civil war (Jagdpanther), La Guerra civil española (NAC), La Marcha sobre Madrid (TyR), Brunete (TyR), among others. Non wargames: optional rules for Civilization, adventure Heroquest, Aliens. Roleplaying: Mythus, Wampire. Miniatures: Optional rules for W40000, The carlist wars (includes a scenario to simulate the battle of Arquijas, 1834)

Issue Game
The battle of Guadalajara, 1937. Operational simulation of that battle. Complete simulation game that includes rules booklet, 1 DIN A2 map, 160 die cut counters. Scales: 1 turn/day, 1,5 km/hex, regiment-brigades. Game design: J.C. Cebrián. Complexity: (1-10) 3. Number of players: 2.

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Alea 14 counters

Map Guadalajara 1937.

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