Contents of Alea number 15 (RA 15).
Wargame reviews: SPQR (GMT), Stalingrad Pocket (The Gamers), Overlord (GDW/Diseños orbitales). Optional rules for the "Fleet" series (AH). Compilation of errata for Alea 13 and 14. American Graffiti: capsule reviews of games simulating the Vietnam war of 1964-75. Scenario for Air Strike: wings over Vietnam. Computer games: Civilization, Pirates, Railroad Ticoon. Roleplaying: Ragnarok, Oráculo, Fuerza Delta, Mod. Heroquest. Other: Heroquest, Dragon Master. Miniatures: Sagunto (napoleonic scenario).

Issue Game
Green Inferno: Vietnam 1967, the Highlands. Tactical simulation set in the Vietnam war. Two scenarios: Dak to and hill 875. Escales: 2 platoons/infantry unit, 2 155 guns and 1 105 per artillery counter. Complete simulation game that includes 1 DIN A3 map, 160 die cut, full color counters plus 40 unmounter counters. Game design: J. M. Tortosa. Complexity (1-10): 3. Number of players: 2.

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Alea 15 counters

Map Vietnam 1967.

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