Contents of Alea number 17 (RA 17).

Wargame reviews: Afrika (The Gamers), Frederick the Great (3W), Thunder at the Crossroads (The Gamers), optional rules for World in Flames (ADG). Computer games: V for Victory (Three Sixty). Non-wargames: Heroquest. Roleplaying: Traveller new era, Universo, Dream Park. Miniatures: Scenario for Command Decision (Kanev 1943). Ancients scenario: Celts against Romans (uses the WRG rules, 7th. ed.)ASL scenario: Minsk may 1944, partisans against Lithuanian constabulary.

Issue Game
Malvinas 1982. Tactical simulation of the battle for Goose Green (28 of may 1982) between elements of the Argentinean army and air force and the british paras. Escales: Infantry squads, supporting weapons, artillery batteries and individual AA guns. Complete simulation game that includes rules booklet, 1 DIN A2 map and 160 die cut counters. Game design: Javier Hoyos. Complexity (1-10): 5. Number of players: 2.

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Alea 17 counters

Map Goose Green.