Contents of Alea n. 18 (RA 18).

Wargame reviews: L'Armee du Nord (CoA), Age of Chivalry (3W), Rise of the Luftwaffe (GMT), errata for issues 16 and 17 of Alea. Non-wargames: Army of Darkness, Republic of Rome (AH), Warlords (SSG). Miniatures: Close Action, WRG (tournement rules used in the Roger de Flor 1993 tournement). Roleplaying: Ninjas, Ars Mágica, Space 1889, Fanhunter, Cyberpunk.

Issue Game
The end of the Mérida pocket, Operational simulation set in the Spanish Civil War. Complete simulation game with rules booklet, 1 DIN A2 map and 120 die cut counters plus some unmounted markers. Escales: Republican brigades and Nationalist regiments, 1 turn/day. Game design: José Semprún. Complexity: 3 (1-10).

ASL Scenario (Kursk, July 6, 1943)

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Alea 18 counters

Map Extremadura 1938

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