Contents of Alea number 19 (RA 19).

Reviews of Lion of the North (GMT), Victory in the west (GMT), Run silent Run deep (3W), The Speed of Heat (CoA). Computer games: Battle Isle 2. Non-wargames: Piratas, GURPS, Pendragon. Play aids for Ars Magica y CoC. Miniatures: Clash of Armor, Warhammer, Ancients scenario (Celts and Romans).

Issue Game
Mollwitz 1741. Simulation of the battle of Mollwitz in 1741 during the war of Austrian sucesion. Battallion-regiment level. Complete simulation game that includes 1 rules booklet, 1 DIN A2 map and 180 die cut counters. Game design: J. Semprún. Complexity (1-10): 3.

Bonus: 12 optional cards for the game Golpe (Spanish version of West End games' Junta).

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Alea 19 counters

Map Mollwitz 1741

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