Contents ofAlea n.25 (RA 25).

Reviews of Hannibal (AH), Borodino y Friedland (Games USA), SS Panzer (XTR Command), The Battle for Dresden (NES), game strategies for Empires in Arms (AH). Computers: Kiev (Schwerpunkt). Cards: The Last Crusade, game strategies for Eagles. Miniatures: Age of Reason, Fire & Fury, After Action Report of a miniatures Napoleonic scenario (El Hostalet, Sagunto 1809).

Issue Game
Two unofficial games for Decision Games' Thirty Years War Quad system: Las Dunas (The Dunes) 1658 and Montjuich 1641. Complete simulation game with historical introduction, special rules unmounted counters and one DIN A3 map for each scenario. Alea 25 includes also optional rules for SS Panzer (XTR, Command n. 36). Official errata for the OB of For Whom the Bells Toll (GRD) and 1 ASL scenario: Cyrenaica 1941, Italians against British).

Las Dunas 1658 simulates the Spanish defeat against a Franco-English army. For some historians, that battle and not Rocroi marked the end of the supremacy of the Tercios.

Montjuich 1641 is a simulation of the battle fought out in the outskirts of Barcelona between a Franco-Catalan army and a Spanish army at the beginning of the Catalan rebellion against Spain.

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