Alea magazine it's been the main product of Ludopress since 1989 when it was first published. Alea magazine includes basically reviews of historical simulation games that deal with military history and other subjects.

Each issue includes at least one complete game (map, counters and rules booklet) and/or scenarios, alternative rules and counters/maps for games published by other companies

These are the most recent issues:
n.30 Tercios 1490-1590
n. 29 Nordkapp: Arctic Convoys, 1942.
n.28. Africa 1859-1860.
n 27 Balaguer 1938/Gamonal 1808.

n. 26 Bizkaya 1937.
n. 25 Montjuich 1641/Las Dunas 1658.
n. 24 Mallorca 1936.
n. 23 Tamames 1809.
n. 22 Air war Spain.
n. 21 Civilization.
n. 20 Burma 1942-45.
n.19 Mollwitz 1741.
n.18 Extremadura 1938.
n.17 Malvinas 1982.
n.16 Medellín 1809.
n.15 Vietnam 1967.
n. 14 Guadalajara 1937.
n.13 La Gran Armada.
n. 12 Morocco 1926.
n.11 Fontenoy 1745.
n.10 Operation Nabopolasar.
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