Contents of Alea 29 (RA 29).
Wargame News: Spanish Civil War Battles Vol. II(S&T 219); The Russian Campaign (L2); Soldier Emperor (Avalanche); Go tell the Spartans (ATO); Lock'n'Load (Shrapnel Games); Pasarán ? (UGG); Age of Napoleon (Phalanx); Gringo! (GMT).
Wargame Reviews: Iberos, señores de la Península (Ludopress). Basic Bibliography: The Battle of the Ebro (1938). Books. Historical Dossier: The peak of the Asturian Kingdom (IX century AD). Reviews of Miniature rules: Little Comtemptible Armies; El Cid; Gothic Horror: the Wampire wars.News Computer Games: Rome Total War; Victoria: un imperio bajo el sol; Afrika Korps vs Desert Rats.

Issue Game
Nordkapp: the Arctic Convoys. Historical board wargame complete with historical intro, rulesbook, maps and cut-and-paste counters. Designer: Javier Romero.

Game Scenarios: Samsa and Uad el Jelu 1860 (for Africa 1859-60, Alea 28); Ayahuma 1815 and La Puerta 1818 (Soldados y Estrategia n. 10); ASL scenarios and optional rules for the Spanish Civil War.

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Alea 29 sample counters

Nordkapp 1942 map

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