System main Features:

Interactive sequence of play. Unit activation for brigade, division and Corps levels.

5 different types of combat: mobile, armored, regular, on the march.

Air missions for recon, interdiction, bombing and Close Air Support.

Artillery units may combine fire and movement during the turn.

Limited Intelligence. All the units' factors are hidden to the enemy player.

Rules for morale, disorganization, command control.

Several supply levels (Full/low/Out of Supply) that must be checked continuously.

Complexity level: (1-10): 6.

Solitaire Suitability: (1-10): 4.

The Spanish Civil War

The games of the Spanish Civil War Series give a detailed tactical-operational treatment to several battles of our civil conflict. The level of detail is high for aspects such as supply, combat or organic organization of divisions/army corps, but the system always uses mechanisms as simple and intuitive as possible.

Our objective with this series was to give the Spanish Civil War an specific treatment. Until then, what most designers in Spain and abroad did to simulate SCW battles was simply to adapt systems designed for WW2 games. ¡No Pasarán! is a system especifically designed to show the peculiar features and differences of our civil war with respect to other conflicts, especially the First and Second World Wars.

Published Titles:
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